The program is now out

The program of the conference is now out. You can see it on the following page: Program, and you can download it here as well: GIRLS16_Program and abstracts.

List of speakers:

Invited speakers:
Liane Gabora: Theories of Creativity and Applications to Technological Innovation
Antonina Kolokolova: Complexity of Proofs: in Theory and in the World
Erik Olsson: Linking as Voting: Condorcet-style Theorems for the World Wide Web
Cornelius Puschmann: Rage Against the Elites? Polarisation and Counter-publics in Online Discourse on Immigration and Climate Change

Contributed talks:
Sheheryar Banuri and Katarina Dankova:  It’s All Fun and Games: Using Game Design Elements to Generate Effort
Tamas David-Barrett: Here-And-Now Social Cognition
Emmanuel Genot and Justine Jacot: The Logic of Online Discovery
Erik Mohlin and Yuval Heller: Observations on Cooperation
Sille Obelitz Søe: Non-Misleading Information
Sarita Rosenstock, Cailin O’Connor and Justin Bruner: In Epistemic Networks, Is Less Connectivity Really More?
Francesca Zaffora Blando: The Learning Power of Belief-revision Policies for Non-omniscient Agents


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